A Social Affair (a VERY quick review)

I knew this book was going to be a hotmess.com after reading the first page. Seriously, I wonder if authors Pat Tucker and Earl Sewell laughed throughout the writing of this book.

A Social Affair by Tucker and Sewell was a pleasant read. I hadn’t heard of this book when it came across my desk at work. I scanned the back and decided to check it out just because. I’m glad I did!

The quick rundown (and I mean REAL QUICK): Codi and Quinn are both unhappily married to their spouses. To add spice to their miserable, boring lives, they decide to create new identities and live double lives on social media sites. The two end up meeting and forming  a relationship. Of course their relationship doesn’t end well, as the two cannot keep up with their lies. All hell breaks loose when the truth is finally revealed.

So…we all know how the story ends. However, I believe this book can offer a lesson since there are still many people out there living fake lives online, and there are many more actually falling for the lies (hello, have you seen the show Catfish?). Despite this book being predictable, I laughed, shook my head, and laughed some more. Really, this light read was funny and very entertaining.

In short, see, I wasn’t kidding about this one being short, if you want a quick, entertaining read, try this book.


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