The Prada Plan 3: Green-eyed Monster

Disaya Morgan and Leah Richards are back in The Prada Plan 3: Green-eyed Monster by Ashley Amtoinette.

This installment in the series opens where the last book left off. Leah and YaYa are both burned from the fire. Indie and the others believe it’s YaYa they are visiting in the hospital, not Leah. Where’s YaYa you ask? She isn’t dead but is being taken care of by Zya, Indie’s connect from the last book. Eventually, Leah’s deception is revealed and YaYa and Indie are reunited. However, Leah is like a roach, she just won’t die. Will YaYa finally be free of Leah and have a peaceful life with Indie and her family? We will find out in book 4!

My thoughts: Ugh. That is what I think about Yaya in this book. No shade, just honesty. I was too tired of YaYa and her self-destruction that I rolled my eyes throughout this book. What I couldn’t believe is she had the audacity to put another person’s freedom in jeopardy all because of  Leah. Seriously, I get it. Leah is beyond being nuts. YaYa should have felt threatened by single black female. Why didn’t YaYa take the offer from Zya? If so, she would’ve had a great ending. However, readers have to wait until 2014 to read the next installment.

In short, there isn’t much I can say about this book. Read it and form your own opinion. I found it depressing. It had its good moments, particularly the love between Indie and YaYa and the showdown at end. I am hoping The Prada Plan 4 will be the last and YaYa will FINALLY have a happy ending.


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