Honor Thy Thug

Here we are. Book 6 of the Thug Series, Honor Thy Thug by Wahida Clark. I admit I stalked the mailbox. I rushed home from work the other day, ran to the mailbox and was happy as hell to see my package had finally arrived.

A little disclaimer: If you haven’t read all of the books in the series, do not start with Honor Thy Thug. Start with book 1, Thugs and the Women Who Love Them. You have to start from the beginning to truly appreciate the dynamics of these relationships and the evolution of the characters. In other words, you won’t fully understand what’s going on. I also understand that this series or genre will not be enjoyed or liked by everyone.

The quick rundown (without telling too much): Let me start by pouring out a lil’ water (that’s what I’m drinking these days) for my boy Marvin. Yeah, it was messed up, but I miss him. I just can’t get over him, he hooked me in book 1. Huge sigh….

Alright, here we go! Wahida brought back the crew for Honor Thy Thug. The book starts off with a recap from the last book, Justify My Thug. The couple I love to hate, Tasha and Trae, are back at it, trying to rebuild their marriage. However, Charli and Kyron aren’t far behind. Jaz and Faheem are reeling with the death of Faheem’s son and its aftermath. Kyra is back and trying to find her damn mind. Kaylin and Angel are still together and are determined to stay that way.

As we all know, I highly anticipated this book. I told yall I ran to the mailbox! I enjoyed this book, although I am a bit biased here. I truly like this series, despite me feeling some type of way about some of the prior books. I feel as if I know these characters; us readers watched as they all went from single people to now married couples with children. For that reason alone, I cannot stop reading these books, and I might have a different perspective than others.

Nevertheless, despite my love for this book, I have to be real here. The book seems to be a continuation of the last book and really doesn’t stand out on its own. Futher, there were a few things that baffled or didn’t make sense to me. For instance, Kyra done lost her mind. I know Kyra was going through her mental issues, but really, Marvin was her husband. To be as caught up in Rick as she was without first knowing the situation or whereabouts of her husband and the father of her daughter, confused me. Like Tasha said, Kyra carried on as if Marvin never existed. Yes, we get to it later in the book, but that was my thought up until that point. And, what is the deal with Kyra and Rick? Will these two be featured in a new book?

Likewise, Charli is another nut in this book. Charlie=thirsty. Really girl, he doesn’t want you like that. Fifty Shades of Trae? Who does that? Leave that married man and his family alone. Maybe she and Kyron should have hooked up. That would’ve been interesting. Kyron was another nutty, thirsty one, especially after what he wrote to Tasha in his letter to her. I have to ask here, for all the Thug readers, I thought Kaylin was the older brother and they had another brother, Kajuan? And, did Jahara turn six overnight?

I know many people love these two, but Tasha and Trae annoy me. These two appear to do nothing but the two fs- yall figure that out. Trae just isn’t the same man from book 2 and Tasha isn’t the same, either. Not saying it’s a bad thing because we all change with life and our circumstances. I didn’t like how Trae attempted to justify his actions with Charli. Cheating is cheating, I don’t care if it was a business move and not personal. Tasha is the most fertile bish alive! I know, I let that one slip, sorry.

I have to say I love Angel and Kaylin and very much in this book. My man Kaylin…wait as I fan myself, I know he is a character, but chile… Again, I know many readers love Trae and Tasha, but those two just work my nerves. As for Jaz and Faheem, I understood her actions, but she knew Faheem isn’t stupid. She should’ve stayed in her lane.

Lastly, I also have to admit that I didn’t like all of these darn extra characters. I must add that just as the last book, the characters are speaking in first person. With this format, we were subjected to hear from many of these extra folks. Truthfully, I didn’t care about Nina’s feelings. Didn’t care about cray cray Charli’s, either. Let’s add Mari to that list, too. They did add an interesting aspect to the story, but at times, it seemed the book was all over the place because Wahida was trying to give a voice to all of these characters.

In short, Thug series lovers will enjoy reading this book and catching up with the characters. It did leave me with several questions, but I am hoping there will be book 7 to answer them. As always,  I will be first in line to read a new book in this series.

*The copy I reviewed was  won in the first reads giveaway.


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