The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage by Kimberla Lawson Roby is the author’s latest non-Curtis Black series release. In this book, readers see just how easy it is to live a double life and do things you never imagined you would.

The rundown: Denise and Derrick are living the American dream. They both have good jobs making a high income,  a beautiful home, and two expensive cars. However, behind all the material possessions, the two are hiding a secret: They are both cocaine addicts.

Denise comes from a good upper-middle to high class background. Her father is a big shot who expects the absolute best from his family. Derrick, conversely, was raised by his grandparents due to his parents drug usage and abandonment. Denise and Derrick have a daughter and they shower her with the best of everything.

The couple start out as occasional cocaine and pill users, but once a family tragedy hits, they become full blown cocaine addicts. We all know this life never ends well, and eventually the two have to make a choice of continuing down this destructive road or getting themselves clean.

Although we all know how the story ends, I truly enjoyed this book. At first, I was having a difficult time connecting with the characters and staying interested. After a couple of  chapters, the story took off and I became hooked. I yelled at Derrick and shook my head many times at them two because I just couldn’t believe what they were doing. If you desire light reading with a message, I recommend this book.


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