Drive by post: A Gangster’s Girl Saga

I recently came across the Gangster’s Girl Saga by Chunichi. The Gangster’s Girl Saga features three of the author’s titles, A Gangster’s Girl, Married to the Game, and The Naked Truth. I hadn’t read any titles from the author, and was anticipating easy reading and some good ‘ol hood fiction.

The book opens up with our protagonist, Ceazia, on her first escorting date at a law firm. Ceazia, unlike some street literature ladies, is a college educated woman, who was brought up in a middle class family in Virginia. While out on this job, she meets Vegas, a hustler meeting with his own lawyer. The two are immediately attracted to each other, and after meeting up, their romance begins. Vegas and Ceazia have a good relationship, but their love is tested when Vegas goes to prison. While away, Ceazia learns some unsavory things about Vegas. Ceazia’s life takes a downward spiral, but she always seems to land on her feet.

Throughout the book, we meet Ceazia’s friends, Vegas’s brother, Snake, and nephew, Duke, and additional new characters, such as Danielle, Snake’s girlfriend, and BJ, Duke’s girlfriend and Ceazia’s lil’ homie. These characters all bring drama of their own.  However, I wanted more Ceazia and less of these new characters. After all, the novel did start off with Ceazia. Despite all that, I was confused as of why a college educated woman from  her background ended up the where she was. She did land on her feet, but she was simply not a likable character.

In short, A Gangster’s Girl by itself  is a quick read, as it is very fast paced and entertaining. However, the other two titles were mediocre and dragged along.


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