A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story

I cannot express the happiness I felt when I realized the real sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever was coming out. I was the first person to place this book on hold at work, and I waited and waited until it was ready for me to pick up. I didn’t know what this book was going to be about, I was simply excited to hear it was about Porsche. The Midnight books simply didn’t do it for me; I didn’t finish reading them. I hoped and wished A Deeper Love Inside would be different.

A quick rundown (and it might contain some spoilers): 10-year-old Porsche opens up this book. She is in a juvenile facility, wishing she was back home with her family. She doesn’t know where any of her loved ones are.  To help her cope with her situation, she links up with a group of girls in the joint and they all eventually escape. After escaping, she decides she must head back home and locate her mother. A very young Porsche tries her best to work and take care of her mother, except she is not Winter and the family she once had no longer exists. Along the way, Porsche finally comes to terms with her family situation and meets many people who help her, including the love of her life.

Now my thoughts: I have to be real here. I was confused. As hell. I couldn’t completely believe this was the voice of a 10-year-old. I know we all go through situations in life that grow us up, I’ve been there and done that, but seriously now… I had to constantly remind myself that she was a child because it explained her actions and words. And let me go in on Siri here. I understood Ivory. But Siri? Before I truly knew what the deal was, I was like, bish, who are you? However, I understood her need for Siri; she was  her protection. I felt sympathy for Porsche because she couldn’t put her family back together. She would never be Winter; she couldn’t change her mother or make her behave as she once did before the family was ripped apart. Too  much had changed. It couldn’t have been easy for Lana, though. The man she loved and lived for was taken away from her and had a baby with someone else. That had to hurt.

Likewise, I was excited to finally hear from some of the old characters, especially Midnight, the twins, and Winter. Disappointingly, Winter hadn’t changed at all. That whole scene  left me upset for Porsche. I’m glad Porsche finally had a happy ending, despite my thinking that they were too young. However, I know Elisha was what she needed. He was patient and understanding and gave her the love she needed, unlike everyone else.

In short, I wouldn’t exactly call ADLI a follow-up, as this followed Porsche’s life. There were times the book became way too slow to me, and also, unbelievable. Despite all that, I couldn’t stop reading. I did enjoy this one. I stayed up late reading this book because I was determined to finish. I also realize just how true this sad story is for some young girls. There are some who were similar to or aspired to be the Winters and Porsches and believe living that lifestyle is all there is. As we know, that lifestyle comes with a high price.


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