Keysha’s Drama (Kimani Tru)

I wasn’t interested in reading YA fiction until I started working in youth services last year. I’ve since read many YA books, including the popular Hunger Games trilogy, and now I am working my way through Kimani Tru books, as they are very popular at work. First up for me is Keysha’s Drama by Earl Sewell. As we know by now, I had it sitting around for months but since it’s snowing and cold out, I decided to read it today.

The quick rundown: Keysha is a 16-year-old young lady living in Chicago with her mother. The two are three days away from being evicted from their shabby apartment when she finds out her mother is in jail and Keysha is on her way to a group home. She learns  from Maggie, an employee from the Department of Children and Family Services, that her mother mentioned contacting her father, a father Keysha never knew existed, for her to live with. Keysha is united with her father and begins a life she never imagined. However, drama isn’t far behind in her new world, as Keysha tries to fit in and be accepted by her new brother and step-mother, as well as her new school.

I thought I wouldn’t like this book. Really, I didn’t know what to expect. I love street lit, so I figured it would be like that but age appropriate for teens. It was a quick read, and the more I read, the more I liked it and wanted to finish. When I reached the end of the book, I was mad! I want to know what happens to Keysha so I will be following her story. I also intend to check out the other books and authors in the Kimani Tru series.


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