32 Candles

If you’ve ever felt like or been called an ugmo, then this book is for you!  You, yes, you, can have a good ending! 32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter has left me with a smile on my face and wondering why I hadn’t read this book earlier. As always, I had this book sitting around for a while… yeah, I know, it’s the story of my life. Anyway, I finally picked it up a couple of days ago and couldn’t put it down. Come along and read all about Davidia Jones and her so not 16 candles life.

The quick run down: Our girl Davidia Jones lives a pretty miserable life. Her mama Cora is the town tramp who abuses Davidia.  As young Davidia states, her mama “is not that kind of mama.” Going to school isn’t any better. The kids all tease her and call her Monkey Night. To escape her torture, she dresses up as Tina Turner and pretends she’s a singer. After being severely beaten by her mother one night, she decides to stop talking. She believes not talking or having wants or desires will make her existence easier and better. Then enters James Farrell.

James and his sisters, the heirs to Farrell Fine Hair, are gorgeous, popular, and rich. They are new to town and every one wants to be them. When Davidia lays eyes on James, it’s a wrap; she immediately wants him. And chile, when I tell you she wants him, she wants him! She daydreams about him day and night, praying one day he will notice her. After a cruel trick is played on Davidia, she leaves town and ends up in California. There in Cali, she reinvents herself as Davie and is finally living a good life with her new friends. However, the Farrells aren’t far behind, as Davie literally runs into her crush. Can Davie finally have a Molly Ringwald ending or will she forever be Monkey Night?

I usually don’t do the chick-lit thing, but I honestly enjoyed this book. I laughed, cringed, side-eyed, and cheered throughout this book. There were times I didn’t like or understood why Davie did the things she did. I felt a few times she should’ve went cray cray and slapped the hell out of some folks, but one particular scene in the book had me really cheering for her.

However, there might be some questionable circumstances. For instance, some might think things wrapped up too nicely in the end. Yeah, that’s true, but having a good ending isn’t always a bad thing. Too, it is coincidental she and the Farrells ended up in Cali. I know, I know, but it could happen.

In short, if you need a good book with a good, cute ending, pick this up!


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