South by Southeast

My boo Tennyson Hardwick is back in South by Southeast by authors Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due, and Steven Barnes. This book is the fourth in the Ten series, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

The quick run-down: Tennyson and the crew are in South Beach while Ten is filming a new horror movie. While visiting the set, Chela runs into her old friend, Maria. After a night out on the town, Maria’s body is found on the beach. Chela is determined to find the killer and puts herself in danger. Ten, being the hot detective he is, promises Chela he will find Maria’s killer. However, finding the killer isn’t as easy as he thought, as the trap Ten sets for the killer horribly fails. The killer appears to have committed suicide, ending the investigation. When the dust settles and all appears well and good, the killer stalks Ten and his family, and Ten has to save his loved ones, even if it means dying himself.

I truly love a good mystery, and the Tennyson Hardwick series is a good one. Readers all watch as Chela’s new reality fights with her old one. Ten is trying to be a good father and son, but what will he do about his relationship with April? Despite being a good, solid book, it does lack the magic the other books in the series had; something was just missing for me. Nevertheless, I enjoy travelling with Ten and reading about his family, relationships, and escapades. I cannot wait for another installment in the series.

In short, I can honestly say I enjoy all of the Tennyson Hardwick novels. It doesn’t hurt that I often envision Ten resembling Blair on the cover. This book was sad to me, but I understood what the authors were doing with the story. The Ten series, along with the Leonid McGill mysteries, are a good replacement for the Easy Rawlins series. So, read it!


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