And When She Was Good

And When She Was Good is the latest novel by author Laura Lippman. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of this author and her books, but I decided to check it out since it seemed interesting and was popular among patrons. Reading about prostitutes, pimps, and madams has to be entertaining! Right?

The quick rundown: Heloise, born Helen Lewis, escapes her tumultuous home life and finds herself in the arms of a pimp named Val. Helen grows up with her mother basically being a mistress to her abusive father, Hector. At the insistence of her father, she finds a job at a restaurant where she meets Billy. Meeting Billy intensifies her already horrible existence and sends her on a path of no return. While escaping Billy, Val takes her on as a prostitute living under his roof. After Val is arrested, Helen makes her own call girl business. Her business isn’t without its own drama, but Heloise is determined to finally live a decent life.

I thought this book was a good read. It was a bit slow at times, as I was waiting and waiting for things to pick up. I did find myself a bit annoyed with Heloise. For so long she had been suspicious of people and always remained aware of traps. After all, she had to be considering her occupation. To not recognize the deceit baffled me a little, as well as her confessions.

In short, And When She Was Good receives 3.5 stars out of 5 from me. It kept me interested despite the slow areas. I recommend this book to any one looking for something good to read.


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