The Cartel 4: Diamonds are Forever

I had been waiting, waiting, WAITING for The Cartel 4: Diamonds are Forever by Ashley and JaQuavis to arrive on the hold shelf for me at work. Yesterday I picked it up and even started reading it during my shift. I’m still digesting this book, but I had to get this out for my own sanity. First off, I enjoy books by these two authors; I think they do a good job. I usually do not post negative comments about books I’ve read. That’s not what I’m about. I attempt to post mostly about the ones I truly enjoyed or simply liked. All positive stuff over here! Nevertheless, there are times when I simply have to be honest, good or bad, and right now is that time darn it, considering I had been waiting, waiting, WAITING for this book to come out!

A real quick rundown: Well, I really can’t say too much since the last book left readers with a cliffhanger. But, here goes nothing: The story opens with Young Carter being surprised by a ghost from his past knocking at his door. This reappearance will force the family to reveal their truths and wrong doings. Also, many things have changed since The Cartel 3, and the new Cartel is being headed by Zyir (yeah, he’s still kicking), but loyalties are questioned and tested as someone else fights for his rightful place as the head of the family.

So, yeah… I cannot add too much because I don’t want to spoil it, but REALLY? REALLY?? Bringing folks back from the grave? Ok, I know we are on book 4 and things change, people die, blah blah, but some of that was too much. Many characters were truly behaving out of character, and I found myself cringing a lot while reading. I have soooo many questions! Again, as with all sequels, I know this one couldn’t live up to or be like The Cartel 1, which I loved by the way. Too, although he was the bad twin, I really miss Mecca (insert sad face). It would be interesting to see the dynamics between Mecca and the family amid the changes.

In short, I loved The Cartel 1. This one isn’t quite like that one. I understand. Situations change, people change. It is nice seeing what happens with the characters, though. Once I am hooked on a series or characters, I cannot stop reading about them. With that said, I will be on the lookout for The Cartel V: La Bella Mafia. Seriously though, check it out. Despite my gripes, this book is fast paced and full of action. It was entertaining.


One thought on “The Cartel 4: Diamonds are Forever

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