A Gangster and a Gentleman

While at work, doing what I usually do, and I see A Gangster and a Gentleman by popular street lit authors Kiki Swinson and De’nesha Diamond. I don’t usually read short stories, but I decided to give this book a shot. Why not? Lately, I have been picking up different genres and authors, but that’s a whole different discussion, one that I hope to get to soon.

The quicky-quick rundown: The book opens with I Need a Gangster by Kiki Swinson, author of the popular Wifey series. Melody is married to a highly successful attorney named Richard. On his birthday, Richard decides to leave Melody for his new employee. Melody, like most women being left by their rich husbands, recalls all of the things she gave up to be with her husband and decides to seek revenge. While out on the town with her sister, she meets a gangster by the name of Lil Man. Lil Man is just the man she needs to fulfill her fantasy of revenge. However, the situation doesn’t go as planned, as lives are lost and Melody is fighting to clear her name for several murders.

I enjoyed the first short story. It was entertaining light reading. However, this story has been written before so I knew what to expect. Although the story lacks originality, it didn’t disappoint.

The second story in the book is Gentlemen Prefer Bullets by De’nesha Diamond. Let me just say off the top, I really liked this one.

This story opens with twins Elijah and Ezekiel being awakened by a thunderstorm occurring outside and inside their home. After the bodies are cleared, Elijah is orphaned due to a blackout placed on his family. Twenty years later, Eli is working for the don, making a name for himself in the drug underworld. After a hit is placed on the don’s daughter, Blake, Eli is recruited to protect her. Eli and Blake embark on a journey neither one ever saw coming. Truths are revealed, retribution is distributed, and love is found in this short story.

Again, I really enjoyed this one. It was entertaining and suspenseful. I think this story could have been even better being a longer, stand alone novel.


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