Drive-by reading: Hood and Diary of a Street Diva

I’ve been reading and not posting. Being that I am bored and tired of screaming children here at work, writing quick, short posts about the few books I’ve read should make the time go by.

The books:

Hood: an urban erotic tale by Noire.

This tale follows the lives of Lamont aka Hood and his partner in crime Dreko. Hood is a child of the street; his mother is addicted to crack and forces little Lamont to take care of his baby brother Monroe. The local barber takes the boys under his wing and Lamont transforms into Hood, a hustler. After Hood gets popped, Dreko takes control of the operation. Once Hood is out of prison, he learns the truth about Dreko and what really went on when he was in prision.

I don’t know what to say about this book. I think I have overloaded on street literature and need a break! Hood is a good dude; no child should be forced to survive on the street and take care of their younger sibling. However, this is a reality for some and it was in this book.

Too, this book is a bit disturbing. There are some scenes that left me in shock. Dreko is crazy. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy. Something went wrong in his brain, and for him to be young and crazy, chile, I don’t know what to say.

Diary of a Street Diva by Ashley and JaQuavis

Now you know I had to keep reading their books! I am late but so what!

Remy is a street diva honey! Living in the foster care system, an unfortunate event places her in the hands of a dude who means her no good. She turns to stripping to keep a roof over her head. While dancing, she meets a guy in the game who introduces her to cooking cocaine. After she is caught stealing, she is sent to the boss, Khadafi. Instead of punishing or killing her, she becomes his woman.

Remy finally lives a life of luxury, but with many urban fiction books, there is always a catch. Her man dies and she is forced back to the streets and back to the man who used her. She eventually meets reconnects with Cease, one of Khadafi’s workers, who takes her in. The two eventually marry but there is no happy ending. Cease is arrested for her murder.

So, where do I begin? I liked Remy. I really did. She just kept getting on my nerves by doing dumb stuff! Well, at least to me they were dumb. Why wasn’t she stacking up some of Khadafi’s money? We all know the money train doesn’t last in urban fiction world. I didn’t see an issue with her moving on with her life, but it seemed as if Betty Netty was giving her warnings/hints.

In short, I did enjoy both books. They kept me entertained. That’s it for my short review.


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