Justify My Thug

Finally! After reading Thug Lovin, I desperately needed to read the latest book in the Thug series, Justify My Thug by Wahida Clark. I mean, seriously, who wasn’t curious to find out what happens between Tasha and Trae? I know I was! After picking up the book, I immediately began reading it and finished within days. So, here goes my ramblings…

I first thought, what in the Ike and Tina hell is this? But, let me back track…

The rundown: The books opens where Thug Lovin’ left off, in Trina’s apartment. Of course there is chaos, as Trae is face-to-face with his wife, her lover, and the pregnancy test. While the drama is brewing, Aisha, Marvin and Kyra’s daughter, calls Tasha on the phone. If you remember, no one knows where the Blackshear family is.

After all of that, Tasha and Trae appear to be getting back together. That is, until Tasha finds evidence of Charli Li still being in the picture. She packs up her stuff and moves back to New York with Trina, and, yes, Kyron.

Jaz and Faheem find out he has a son after seeing his old jump off at the mall. Yes, girlfriend wants Faheem back and schemes to get him.

Back to my thoughs…

Okay, so how did Faheem not cheat on Jaz when he had his piece all up in ol’ girl’s mouth? Hmmm….I was with Jaz when she said she was finished with him. But,we know she isn’t. I am awaiting to see the outcome of Faheem and Oni.

Tasha and Trae… what can I say about these two? All the fans want a happy ending. I do, too. While there was a lot going on, these two did entertain me.

Like all the Thug books, I enjoyed it. Yes, it is a different Trae and Tasha, hell, all of them have changed. Nevertheless, I would still recommend the series.


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