If I Can’t Have You

Ms. Morrison’s latest novel, If I Can’t Have You,  is sure to be a best-seller. Since I generally enjoy her books, I immediately placed this title on hold after I learned the library was buying copies. I am glad I did. I read the book in about 2 days because I couldn’t put it down; I had to find out what was going to happen in the end.

The rundown: If I Can’t Have You is about a bet gone wrong, and ultimately, its consequences. Loretta bets longtime friend, Madison, that she can’t tame Granville, Loretta’s insane, stalking ex. While all is this going on, Madison is engaged to Houston’s most eligible bachelors, Chicago. Madison is rich and gorgeous and  has men falling at her feet. Loretta is a single mom still pining away for her child’s father, despite the fact he ignores her and has moved on with his life. Tisha is a mom of two who divorced her millionaire husband to marry her high school sweetheart.

In this book, friendships are tested, as well as rationality and restraining orders.

A bit of a spoiler: Granville is creepy and disgusting. I know Loretta was a bit desperate to find a man, and maybe thought any ol’ man will do, but really… the signs that Granville wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer were there and she ignored them. To put him off on someone else when she knew he was crazy was wrong. Yet, Madison still went through with the bet and wanted to blame Loretta for her choosing to do so. Yes. Loretta played a huge part, but she also warned Madison and advised her not to go through with it. After giving Madison several warnings, Loretta, in my opinion, was let off the hook. Perhaps the bet was made in jealousy? Either way, they both had a lesson to learn.

In short, check out this book. I think the author wrote a decent book. You will be entertained, and you will even learn something.


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