Thug Lovin’

I have read the three prior books in the Thugs series by Wahida Clark and enjoyed them all. Naturally, I was anticipating reading the next book, Thug Lovin’, and was expecting to get just that, some lovin’. Welp, not this go ’round.

This review contains spoilers…

In Thug Lovin’, Tasha and Trae and Kyra and Marvin are living in California. Tasha and Trae have three kids and Marvin and Kyra have their daughter, Aisha. Both couples appear to have great family lives, but we all know by now there is always drama with these couples. As Angel states in the book, they all went to Cali and lost their minds.

In California, Trae and Marvin become legit business men. One of the businesses Trae and Marvin, along with Tasha’s cousin Stephon, start is Club New York. With Club New York came an issue by the name of Charli Li, a woman they form a business relationship with. Charli has never met a man like Trae before and is highly attracted to him. Trae doesn’t see his partnership with Charli a problem, really, as long as his money is legit. Tasha is suspicious of the relationship between Trae and Charli, but stays with Trae until he brings the drama home. Tasha heads back to New York to clear her head and lives with Angel, Kaylin, and Kaylin’s brother, Kyron, who is now out of jail. Tasha and Kyron form a friendship, and eventually, cross that line.

Marvin and Kyra are doing well until Kyra finds out his secret. Trae’s new neighbor, Rick, takes a liking to Kyra, and the two become more than just friends, especially since Kyra is fed up with Marvin.

I know all people change. Really, we all change in life, for either the good or the bad. In this case, the characters changed for the bad. This was not the Trae and Marvin readers fell in love with in books 1 and 2. Trae transformed from a man who worshipped the ground Tasha walked on, to a liar and abuser. I understand being the king in your castle, but his behavior was extreme. I’m not letting Tasha off the hook, either. She appeared to have no backbone when it came to Trae. For example,Tasha went from wanting to leave Trae, to getting in the shower and having sex with him, and then getting up and making him breakfast. Seriously? This just after her husband finally confessed to cheating on her? And to top it off, Tasha couldn’t find a random dude?

Then Marvin… very upset he went back to his old ways, especially after he and Kyra put their lives back together and started a family. That whole scene with Kyra and Marvin in the kitchen left me speechless.

In short, despite the errors in timing and typos, not to mention the unnecessary story lines, I couldn’t put the book down. I can’t lie, I love all the couples and can’t stop reading about them. I have enjoyed reading the whole Thug series, and I will keep reading them to find out what happens to the couples. I just wish the writing was a bit tighter and the story more consistent with the previous books in the series.


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