Personal skills

As a new SLIS student, it is imperative that I have certain personal skills to succeed in the online program. These personal skills will also help me with group work.

For my 203 course, I took two readiness for online learning assessments. I must add that I am not new to online learning; during undergrad I took many online classes. I didn’t find them more difficult than face-to-face classes, maybe because I am more of an independent learner. The results of the assessments confirmed I am ready for online learning. Although I do manage to complete my work on time, I do want to improve my time management skills. Because my schedule isn’t the same every week, I need to do more planning. I am working on that now.

The other part of my assignment included presentations about group work and how to make it successful (and not a nightmare). I must admit… I usually do not like group work. I believe being in this program will help me become better at group work, and maybe I’ll even enjoy it.

Many, if not all, of my group work experiences have been disasters. According to Enid Irwin’s presentation, I am usually the silent one. And, I often become annoyed.  I have since learned from Dr. Ken Haycock and Enid Irwin about dysfunctional behaviors, including my own destructive behavior of being silent. Despite how I felt in basically all of my group projects, remaining silent and being agitated isn’t good for me or the group. In order to succeed, I must speak up and be a member of the group.

I have also learned from both presentations there must be a plan. I believe that was the core problem from my experiences with group work. There was no plan. The dominating one jumped in and told everyone what to do, not considering other people’s learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Now I know there must be a plan and rules, and all group members must participate!

I believe this time around group work will be a fun learning experience.


One thought on “Personal skills

  1. Hi Tracee,
    I hope your experiences with group work will improve! You will find a lot of it in this program.
    Ann (203 Mentor)

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